Serving our Brothers

These proposed programs intended to serve aspiring or recognized Eagles, at every stage of their lives – as they begin the journey from Life to Eagle Scout, until those Eagle Scouts are laid to rest.

NESA Unit Advisors – Working hand-in-hand with existing unit leaders, maximize the retention and advancement of Life Scouts by actively tracking their progress and assisting / mentoring the unit and parent team guiding Life Scouts on their journey to Eagle.

Hire an Eagle First – Assist Eagle Scouts to professionally package their projects. Liaise with the business community to introduce and promote Eagle Scouts as the first choice among youths they should seek to hire or intern. Design and implement “Hire an Eagle First” events to connect potential employers with young Eagle Scouts.

Eagle Showcase – Enable Eagle Scouts to prepare digital presentations of their service projects that can be showcased on the CYCN web site, displayed at the CYCN Recognition Dinner and featured at Hire an Eagle First events. Work with younger Eagles to identify and publicize their service projects to illustrate their achievements.

Eagle Work 101 – Collaborate with businesses to develop and teach a unique, comprehensive series of general employment skills to Life & Eagle Scouts. This knowledge, seldom available in other educational programs, will assist participants to be knowledgeable about and well prepared to enter the workplace as interns or new employees.

Eagle Mentors – Employ an advanced CYCN mentoring system to match Junior and Senior Eagle Scouts to assist them with making career decisions, gaining access to college, serving their communities or pursuing their individual goals or passions. Connecting and assisting established Eagle Scouts who are relocating, making life transitions and pursuing their own personal aspirations.

Wind Under Our Wings – Support brother Eagle Scouts who need special assistance with life challenges – and bring to bear the resources of other CYCN members to aid them. CYCN members may (confidentially) approach a Special Committee of professional “Wind Under Our Wings Advisors” to seek advice and assistance for themselves or their brothers. As appropriate, this Special Committee will develop, guide and seek to resource their custom-developed support plans.

Migrating Eagles – Assist Junior Eagles who may be making their first journey away from home (to attend school, join the military, pursue employment, or perform public service) to connect with other Eagle scouts at their destination – to welcome them, smooth their transition, and if desired, help them stay engaged in Scouting activities. Assist established Eagles in similar ways that are leaving or entering new communities – and to potentially become CYCN members and participate in CYCN COE programs.

Final Nesting Place – Define and implement appropriate, respectful programs to allow Eagle Scouts to express their preference for brother Eagle Scouts to honor them and assist their families when they are laid to rest.

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