Serving Our Council

These proposed programs are intended to augment the resources of our council to provide leadership, training and mentoring at the individual, unit, district and council levels.

Supporting Units at Risk – Work with the Council / Districts to assist units at risk and develop specially tailored mentoring / training programs to help those units get back on the path to success.

Parent Camping 101 (see note below)  – Train parents who are not familiar with the outdoors, on fundamental outdoor skills – and take them on a weekend camping trip to practice and reinforce those skills. Help them to properly equip themselves for that participation – and provide loan, low cost or donated equipment to those who are not able to acquire that equipment for themselves. Connect with local equipment suppliers to provide equipment to program participants. Special arrangements will be made (to the greatest degree possible) for participants who are disabled or have medical conditions that limit their ability to participate in certain activities.  Note: Participation Subject to Scouting Policy Guidelines

Major Camp Improvements – Each year, identify and define a major camp (capital) improvement program. Lead the fund / resource raising campaigns to implement that improvement. Organize and lead implementation teams to complete these programs.

Enhancing Eagle Honors – Create programs where CYCN members assist and attend local unit Courts of Honor. Collaborate with other CYCN members to bring unique attractions or speakers to make those Courts of Honor extraordinary events. Create a similar program on a larger scale to achieve the similar goals for the annual Council-wide Eagle Scout Recognition Event.

CYCN M&M Advisors – Working hand-in-hand with Council and District Marketing and Membership (M&M) leaders, CYCN M&M Advisors will augment recruitment, public relations, community outreach and publicity programs at the unit, district and council levels.

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