Core Operations

CYCN has eight Core Operating Committees. They are:

Funding & Finance – Envisioning and implementing programs to acquire financial and material resources for CYCN. Organizing and managing CYCN’s financial affairs.

Technology – Guiding CYCN’s technology strategy – implementing and operating CYCN’s technology infrastructure.

Events & Logistics – Planning, organizing, resourcing and operating CYCN events. Acquiring, managing, transporting and staging CYCN physical resources.

Membership & Diversity – Envisioning and implementing programs to recruit and grow CYCN membership – while seeking to broaden the diversity of NESA membership (and Scouting in general).

Marketing & Communication – Defining and building CYCN and Eagle Scout brand identity. Communicating and promoting NESA activities and successes to its members, Scouting and the general public.

Training & Education – Defining and implementing programs to share CYCN best practices – training and mentoring CYCN members to better implement the CYCN Core and COE programs they lead or support.

Recognition & Awards – Defining and implementing programs to recognize and reward NESA members, and Eagle Scouts at the unit, district, council and national level.

Governance – Defining the CYCN charter, procedures and guidelines. Providing guidance on agreed-upon governance processes. Provide a forum for addressing concerns brought forward to CYCN leadership by CYNC members.

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