Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner – November 21, 2017

6 PM – Villa Bianca, 312 Roosevelt Drive – Seymour, CT

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Our Mission

CT Yankee Council NESA is a dynamic alumni organization that engages and serves Eagle Scouts in every phase of their lives.

Eagle Scouts are sought-after leaders and achievers whose ability to engage with Scouting may vary over the years.  Recognizing this, CYC NESA offers a wide range of opportunities for Eagle Scouts of any age to collaborate and contribute their formidable talents to Scouting.

Connecticut Yankee Council NESA (CYCN) provides program and leadership opportunities for Eagle Scouts to serve in our Core Operating Committees and our three Centers of Excellence (COE). Each COE offers a number of programs that CYCN members can lead or contribute to.

Serving our Brothers Programs intended to serve aspiring or recognized Eagles, at every stage of their lives – starting with the journey from Life to Eagle Scout, and continuing until an Eagle Scout is laid to rest.

Serving Our Community Programs intended to harness the collective powers of CYCN members to pursue community challenges that Eagle Scouts are uniquely prepared to address.

Serving Our Council Programs intended to augment the resources of our Council to provide specialized leadership, training and mentoring at the individual, unit, district and council levels.

CYCNESA Core Committees – Our Core Committees facilitate the actions of our Centers of Excellence and offer many opportunities lead our organization toward greater success.

We welcome all Eagle Scouts in the CT Yankee Council area to join our NESA Committee and contribute to our efforts.  Email us at contact@cycnesa.org for more information!



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